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Cone for Reddit

An interative 3D visualization of Reddit comments

    Turn the view with your left and right arrow keys.
    Zoom into the view using your up and down arrow keys.
  You can also use your mouse to click entries you want to navigate to.

We have chosen to include our own selection of subreddits that we think are interesting to browse:

  • AskReddit: Questions from the community with insightful and funny answers.
  • gifs: Animated images.
  • AskScience: A forum for science questions and scientific answers.
  • worldnews: Major news from around the world.
  • todayilearned: Tips that improve your life in a meaningful way.
  • AdviceAnimals: Commentary on life and everything in meme-form.
  • technology: The latest from the world of technology.
  • woahdude: Trippy and mesmerizing media that make you go "Woah, dude!"
  • IamA: Interviews where Reddit users can ask people anything.
  • InterestingAsFuck: A place to share (almost) anything and everything interesting.

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About this project

Who made this?

Symbolian is a Berlin company that builds tools for knowledge management. This app is a showcase for ConeCanvas, a 3D visualization and ordering-tool for any kind of hierarchical data. Learn more about ConeCanvas on our website.

While you can not change the data in this example, ConeCanvas can also be used to edit and re-order datasets.

Want more?

Are you interested in using Cone for Reddit to browse your own subscribed subreddits, vote and comment on posts? Enter your email below and if there is enough interest we might just build that!

How did you do it?

Cone for Reddit is programmed in Haskell and PureScript, a language similar to Haskell that compiles to Javascript. Post and comment data is loaded into ConeCanvas from the Reddit API using the Haskell reddit package. ConeCanvas renders the cone tree using Symbolian's own Purescript bindings for WebGL.


Please get in contact if you are interested in using ConeCanvas for a web site or app.

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